How to be a Super Affiliate Marketer

How to be a Super Affiliate Marketer

Article by Alan Tii

In the world of affiliate Marketing, there are 2 types of Affiliate Marketers – The Regular Affiliate Marketer and the Super Affiliate Marketer.

Regular Affiliates are affiliates who only post an affiliate banner on their site and thinks that the banner alone is able to help them rake in thousands of money.

Super Affiliates, on the other hand, markets the affiliate product like their own product. They are constantly using smart marketing strategies to drive traffic to their website and increasing the amount of people that “click through” to the affiliate’s product.

Therefore,Super Affiliates are undoubtedly the top affiliates that you often hear about who are easily earning thousands of money per week just from Affiliate Marketing.

With that in mind, i present you the top 5 tips of how to be a Super Affiliate:

1. Building relationship with your visitors

Super Affiliates go the extra mile to be a trusted friend and advisor to their customer instead of portraying themselves as just a salesperson.

They spent more time than regular affiliates to provide them with important information and products that they wish to hear about.

Once a super affiliate has established a relationship of trust with the customers, the customers will be more receptive to your opinions and any related products that you will be promoting to them in future.

2.Actively marketing your product

Super Affiliates do not post a link to their affiliate website and then sit back and wait for the profits to start rolling in.

Instead, they keep track of who their customers and potential customers are, follow up with them and make sure that the customer understands the products.

3. Content-rich websites

Super Affiliates develop content that are useful to visitors.

Fill your websites with the following useful content

Product Reviews – If you are able to explain to them why your product is worth having, you are greatly increasing the chances of them buying your products.

Testimonials From Customers – If you have customers who are happy with your service and are willing to tell others about it, show them in your website! These testimonials will show your other visitors that the service or product you are providing is living up to its reputation.

Helpful Tips – Write tips that focus on how your products can be beneficial to your visitors’ life. By doing this, you are adding more value to your product, making them more desirable.

All these useful content will help attract more visitors to your website and therefore, increasing traffic to your merchant’s website eventually

4. Constantly testing their market strategies

Super Affiliates do not stop when they find themselves start earning some income. Instead, once they get those first sales, they know for sure that people are looking for what the affiliates are selling. Then, the affiliates will start looking for better ways to increase the popularity of their products.

Super Affiliates do not only use one marketing strategy. Instead, they use all of their marketing skills to constantly think of new ways to draw more visitors to their website.

5. Define a niche market and targeting their affiliate products to the right audience

Super Affiliates know the importance of defining a niche market and targeting Affiliate products to that niche market.

Promoting 10 or 20 different and unrelated products on their website is a very unprofessional way of Affiliate Marketing. By promoting this way, your website looks like a flea market and eventually turns out to be totally unsuccessful. Make your website look professional by only promoting 1 or 2 high quality affiliate products relating to your niche market.

With these 5 tips of how to be a super affiliate, you can now transform yourself from a regular affiliate to being a super affiliate marketer and start increasing your stream of income by leaps and bounds!

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