Affiliate Marketing University – Not an Option

Affiliate Marketing University – Not an Option

Article by KarriLee Hull

If you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer, join affiliate marketing university. To be successful in this industry, university is no longer an option, it is a must. Let’s examine why I make such a bold statement.

Each day thousands of new people are joining the ranks of affiliate marketing. As the economy worsens, these numbers are beginning to skyrocket. More and more people will stay home to work from their computer, dreaming the big dream of living the good life. And that means more and more competition for affiliates, in an already extremely competitive industry. So while the buying market is huge and there is certainly enough money being spent online to go around, there IS a recession, and people ARE spending less. So considering the fact that there is less money being spent, and more people than ever competing for those sales, the affiliate marketing industry is becoming one in which only the best will survive. It will be those in the know- those who know how to get the traffic and convert that traffic into sales – that will succeed.

So how is this done? How does someone get traffic and convert it to sales?

The answer to this question is as vast and broad as this industry itself. There are so many ways to generate traffic, so many products to promote, so much knowledge to be had, It is not enough to choose a product, put up a website or blog, and promote the site, expecting the sales to flow in. The savy affiliate knows how to choose a good product – what will sell or not. And to be successful an affiliate must know how to research your market for important information such as:

-niche statistics, -Industry growth and spending habits, -purchasing trends, -demographics,-target audiences, -seasonal buying habits, -cross promotion, -media tools and resources, -articles, books & guides, -software,-industry news, -products and services -and the best affiliate programs.

It is knowing how to accumulate this information and use it effectively, that will determine the success or failure of the next generation of affiliate marketers. And the only way to learn these skills is through Affiliate University. Ebooks and online tutorials become outdated too quickly and usually only teaches on one aspect of affiiliate marketing. It would cost thousands of dollars to buy courses and ebooks on every aspect of affiliate marketing, and even then you would not have learned in an order that builds upon previous lessons, and no strong foundation of knowledge would have been laid. An even bigger advantage for the affiliate university member is that niche research is not only TAUGHT, but performed FOR the student covering one niche monthly. For example, each month members are provided an in-depth, 50-page industry report on one niche of the affiliate’s choice (from a selection of 5-10 niches). Included with the report the member is given 5 niche website templates, 25 niche PLR articles, 5000 niche keywords, 300 researched niche article concept ideas, 3 PLR guides to be used as give-aways, and more. Nearly the entire campaign is pre-developed, saving the university affiliate hundreds of hours of research, writing and campaign development (footwork) each month. These hours can then be spent submitting the work online and raking in the sales.

Another reason why affiliate marketing university is not an option if you want to be successful online is the coaching and support that you will receive as a member. To purchase affiliate marketing coaching from a professional consultant it will cost you in the area of 0 per hour. As a member/student of affiliate marketing university, you will have access to one-on-one coaching and support free as part of your membership. Also, the community forum within the membership area is an active place that is patronized regularly by some of the most successful people in the industry – and they are willing to help members of the community to become successful. Affiliate marketing can be frustrating, lonely, time consuming, confusing and overwhelming. One of the main reasons why people quit is because they made the critical mistake of trying to do it on their own, without coaching or support. The most distinguishing quality that sets success minded people from those willing to settle for mediocrity, is that the success determined individuals understand the need to surround themselves with successful people. This is extremely relevant in the affiliate marketing field.

The next era of affiliate marketing is upon us, and the only the best trained will have the must needed competitive edge to survive and thrive in the upcoming years. So if you are wanting to be a successful affiliate marketer and not just a wannabe, join an affiliate marketing university. This is not an option.

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